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Snow Rabbit (W01X) Mesh Head

Snow Rabbit (W01X) Mesh Head

It’s no secret that I love mesh heads and skins. If you look at my blogging history, you’ll see that I’m always eager to try on a new face, and I get really excited with each advance in mesh head technology and features. Skin Fair 2024 just opened, and although I’ve said it in jest that it’s like Christmas for me, this is overwhelmingly true. Everything is brand new. I can’t wait to try it all!

Back in 2013, everyone fell in love with the Snow Rabbit (S@R) Nea mesh head. I remember being thrilled by the facial animations, particularly the incredibly realistic crying and animated tears.

Now, more than a decade later, Snow Rabbit continues to release adorable mesh heads, and their latest, the W01X, truly caught my eye. It’s available at Skin Fair for 30% off – and it’s compatible with LeLutka’s EvoX skins. The compatibility with EvoX piqued my interest, as I have a collection of EvoX skins and makeups that I’m eager to use.

Every time I acquire a new mesh head, I evaluate it on how easily I can shape the head to look attractive. Do all the sliders work as expected? How smooth are the animations? Does the HUD offer robust customization options? The Snow Rabbit W01X mesh head meets all these criteria for me and delivers a solid option that I believe many will adore.

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Making Poses with Black Dragon Viewer

Black Dragon has just released an update that includes a revolutionary new feature – the ability to create and export poses from the viewer! The pose edit menu was already a great way to adjust poses, but now you can also make poses from scratch and save them as .anim files to your computer. These poses can then be uploaded back to Second Life, making it much easier to create custom poses.

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LAQ Bento Motion Capture Mesh Head, Gaia 1.0

Laq - Gaia 1.0

It’s raining mesh heads! I’m wearing Gaia 1.0, the newest Bento Mesh Head from Laq. I’m excited by bento editing capabilities and motion capture animations. I spent hours obsessively tweaking this head to look like me, but lately I’ve been more flexible with my looks. I wore the skin and makeups included in the Laq HUD, so this look is completely achievable right out of the box!

Laq - Gaia 1.0

The Laq HUD is comparable to other mesh heads on the market – full of features and customization options. I particularly liked the Moods tab, which includes 4 default animated moods that you can play continuously, and 12 animated expressions (includes the option to play continuously or as poses).

My favorite feature on this HUD, is the Looks tab to save different skins & makeup options. With one click, the HUD saved my entire look, and even created a preview pic. The preview pic feature is amazing, cos I tend to forget what I have saved.

Laq - Gaia 1.0

Watch Mallory’s video showing the motion captured  animations, and tell me those are not the best animations you have ever seen! I like that each expression includes a few poses and plays in a continuous loop.

Now comes the critiques, which surprisingly isn’t much. What I want added to the HUD is a CLEAR ALL button, for when all of my makeup layers are wonky and I want to start over. This head is new, so there are not a lot of skins available for it yet. I would probably like it even more if I could try different skins. Thankfully, it is OMEGA-enabled, so there are some things that will work with it, but OMEGA is terribly slow.

Try the Laq bento mesh head and let me know what you think! How does this mesh head compare with your favorite? What feature do you want to see in future updates?

What I’m Wearing:

LAQ Bento – Motion Capture – Gaia 1.0
Truth Hair – Lisette
Teefy – Sophia Top Lacey (Bloom)
Empire – Jean Shorts