Unique Megastore – Meggan Skin

Unique Megastore - Meggan

These fabulous new Meggan skins are from Unique Megastore. I’m a fan of nice celebrity-inspired faces, so I find myself drawn to these skins.

I would have to say that this is one of the nicer celebrity skins out there, where it’s not just a low quality cut & paste job.

Meggan has 12 makeups, hair base, sexy breasts, and two open lips skin.

Unique Megastore - Meggan

Unique Megastore - Meggan

Unique Megastore - Meggan

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What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Gossip Girl /dusk
Ronsem – Floral / white 2
Ronsem – Cropped Denim Jeans

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  1. Actually, Laq has a skin that, with the right shape editing skills, will look like Megan Fox – Martina.

  2. I demo-ed their new Suzie skin, wow its gorgeous <3 I think you might like it too. Its a young and lovely face and has open mouth options.

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