LaGyo, ChouChou


Gidge is right, everybody goes to Chouchou. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts at trying to take pictures on some lush jungle sims, gave up and went to ChouChou. With minimal objects rezzed, ChouChou is perfect for fashion photography, even with 20 other people roaming around the sim while I was there, I felt no lag.

I wasn’t going to wear a bra top underneath this prim Chimera drape from LaGyo, but I decided to be appropriate and cover up my nipples! I’m also wearing the matching Bird of pray necklace, and Chimera headpiece.

Find LaGyo & many others @ the Epoch-Legend fashion and art festival.
(Now through March 11th)

What I’m Wearing:

Magika – (Hair) Capture
LaGyo – Chimera drape
LaGyo – Bird of pray necklace
LaGyo – Chimera headpiece
Fishy Strawberry – (Lingerie) Desiderio Orange (2 Strapless Bra)
Fishy Strawberry – Aragon Skirt (Turqouise)
Maitreya Gold – Yaxkin (Cocoa)

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  1. Those sandals are gorgeous! I really like that necklace and drape too (although not much for headpieces myself).

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