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Losing My Religion

Losing My Religion

The next round of We <3 Roleplay is opening this Friday! There are a lot of gorgeous items out this round (as always, honestly), but two of my favorite ones are this cape from Pucca Firecaster Creations, and this hair from Damselfly. The cape comes with a lot of different options for customization and looks great. Combined with this halo from random.Matter and the hair, I kind of look like a Germanic version of the Holy Mary.

Although I’m an atheist now, that was not always the case for me. During Christmas, a lot of the Catholic imagery I was familiar with as a kid comes flooding back. I miss the smells and sounds of the church, but I can’t really find myself wanting to return if I simply don’t believe anymore. Regardless, Christmas for me means sharing goodwill with everyone, even those who don’t celebrate, and showing people you love that you care for them.

Winter is also my favorite holiday (AND I was born in December–the 4th, in fact! :D), so regardless of anything else I loooove Christmas just because of the seasonal ambiance.

Are you religious? Will you be celebrating any holidays this season? Lemme know in the comments what your traditions are!

ALSO – I was trying to get a Peqe item in for this shoot but it didn’t go with the outfit. I’ll need to do a few more shots of W<3RP stuff with Peqe’s clothing! Until then, please check out her new releases here!

Losing My Religion

What I’m Wearing

Logo Alex Head
[ a.e.meth ] – Gemini Skin (Fair)
[ a.e.meth ] – Velvet Lipstick (Darks – Merlot)
COCO – Turtleneck Sweater (Black)
Damselfly – Italia *
random.Matter – Lorac Halo – Bronze *
Kauna – Safety Glasses
PFC (Pucca Firecaster Creations) – General Cloak *
[Velvet Whip] Fencer Ruby Pants and Simple Belt *
Pose – !bang pose #588 *
Photodrop – Rustica (AND IT’S FREE!)

* available at We <3 RP.

Photo taken at the LEA Art Farm studio.



So some grid artists and I got together on the Art Co-op sim’s hostel area and began to build a really cool encampment. Anyone can stop by and plop down their addition; mine was this basic shipping container, which I challenged myself to fill appropriately.

How do you like the interior? Since it’s October, I decorated it like a mini-coven area, complete with these cauldrons I picked up from A.D.D. Andel at We <3 Roleplay. I LOVE these! You can change the color of the liquid so it suits whatever you’re doing. It also comes with various options, like cauldrons with steam/without steam, with/without a stirring stick, etc.

I also got this adorable free ghostie from Ohmai, and had to rez it for this picture! It’s a thank-you gift from the store’s owner, Anya Ohmai, for people tuning in to her Twitch stream to learn about 3d modeling. The turnout for classes have been great. It’s awesome to see so many people in Second Life wanting to expand their creative skillsets.

Is it just me, or does everyone think that if we all set out to make a video game and put it on Steam, it would be utterly kickass and feature a ton of female game content creators? We have a lot of women in Second Life who create amazing mesh products every day. Outside of here, the amount of female game creators isn’t so high. If we held a game jam in SL, how awesome would it be to see programmers and artists coming together to make a game? Then you can put the game on Steam or and make some money!


Shoutout to one of my friends who hates spiders. Look at my glasses! Hehehe. <3

What I’m Wearing

Pink Fuel Skin
Logo Alex Mesh Head
Hair: Chemistry – Taylor
Dress: COCO – Shirt Dress (Group Gift)
Le Primitif – Grandpa’s Favorite Hat
Nylon Outfitters – Cat Ring (Porcelain)
Kibitz – Clitch ring (Peridot)
Nuville – BOO Sunglasses
LVLE – Pointed Flats
Miamai – Snail Scarf
Pose – Bang @ We <3 Roleplay

Song: Hannah Diamond – Pink And Blue

Hold a pizza party this weekend!

Hey guys! Cake here, with some news about Chelle and some products you might be interested in! Consider this your update from the designers’ desk.

First up, I’m back to making more things in SL, and have two great products you’ll enjoy, especially this holiday weekend:

[ a.e.meth ] - Pepperoni Pizza Server

Who doesn’t love pizza? Now you can carry around pizza boxes in stacks of 2, 4, and 8! You can also rez these for as little land impact as 2. It’s a great prop for bar owners, party throwers, and roleplayers!

Know what else goes great with pizza?

[ a.e.meth ] - Beer Serving Tray

Beer serving tray! I wanted this to fit in with multiple sims, so I gave the tray a brushed metal look. You can wear or rez this, and it will distribute tankards if anyone clicks on it.

Last item, is this awesome wearable campfire:

[ a.e.meth ] - Wearable Campfire

Simply ‘add’ the campfire to yourself, and you’ll sit next to a nice, modest fire. It comes with extra chairs so if your friends have a campfire, you can sit with theirs instead of sitting on the ground.

Now for Chelle news: Gogo and I collaborate on Chelle, and I’ve been examining the mesh heads that have come out lately. I’d like to tackle Lelutka first to create makeup for their heads. So, if you have one, please look forward to it! I’ll still continue to make regular tat layers as well.

That’s all for now! Have a great weekend, everyone!

Visit [ a.e.meth ] in SL
Visit [ a.e.meth ] on marketplace

How to make poses in Second Life, part 2 / mirror

This is How to make poses in Second Life, part 2! I will show you guys a super easy way to mirror poses in DAZ Studio (version 4.6). Big thanks to Melanie, who showed me how to do this last year!

How to make poses in Second Life, part 2 / mirror

How to Mirror Poses in Daz Studio

1. Select the figure in the Scene Tab.
(You can also select the figure simply by clicking on the SL avatar in the main window. I usually click on the Pelvis to select.)

2. Click on the ‘Active Tab’ options button on the Parameters Tab. This button is in the upper right corner of the tab.

In the menu that appears, choose “Symmetry.”

In the Symmetry Dialogue Menu, choose the following settings:

Nodes: Selected
Propagation: Recursive
Direction: Swap Left and Right
Trunk Nodes: Mirror Y|Z Rotations
Left Node: left;l
Right Node: right;r

Transforms: Rotation: check x, y, z
Translation: Check x, y, z
Scale: Check all

3. Press ‘Accept’ on the bottom


Instructions modified from the How to do Mirror Symmetry DAZ3D tutorial to work for SL.

Read Part 1 – How to make poses in Second Life

How to make poses in Second Life, part 2 / mirror

I made two poses and mirrored them for fun! Maybe some day I’ll package these tutorial poses and put them on MP!

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Harley (Peach)
Truth Hair – Rocky
Ricielli – (S) Asymmetrical Shorts /purple
Ricielli – (S) Braided Belt
Ricielli – (S) Satin Top /white
Ricielli – The Birkin Bag (R HAND) /wine
Sax Sheperd Designs – Frills (Ione) Necklace (Hang)
ELEGANZA by Steffen Garcia (White)



Remember Remarkable Oblivion? Yesterday I visited their Marketplace store again, and found this adorable Usagi Briar Bow (Special Edition). It includes a Bow&Headband version, or a separate Bow, to be worn with any hairstyle. I’m really into adorable head bands/bows accessories lately!!


Tee*fy and LaViere both released some adorable new things for April’s round of Collabor88. The  Rachel Ruffle Sweater includes a long and short version, and comes in gorgeous colors with some floral prints! The Lovisa Ruffle Skirt fits with the sweater perfectly, and there are lots of colors to choose from too. I’m very fond of LaViere hair lately, the hairstyles are getting better and better! This new Gisele hairstyle comes includes a regular version with bangs neatly tucked behind the ear and a “Loose Bangs” version.


A few nights ago, I went to Pose Fair 2013! I’ve gone to Pose Fair every year, and have always found some new poses to add to my pose stand. This year, I discovered a new-to-me store called no wow. These poses are affordable, and adorable! I liked what I saw at Pose Fair so much, that I visited the no wow Main Store and bought everyyyyything.

According to the notecard included with my purchase, no wow is a team of 3 creators:

Lisbeth Gummibaum (
Plum Mongrain (
Bernie Decosta (

All poses used in this post are from no wow.

I’m at the gorgeous BCC sim, as seen on Ziki’s blog.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Sora (Peach)
LaViere – Gisele Loose Bangs (Mint)
Teefy – Lovisa Ruffle Mini Skirt (Sunshine) S
Teefy – Rachel Ruffle Sweater (GrandMum’s) Long S
G-Field – Mesh Wedge Pumps “Adele”
Maubray – Petite Fleur Earring (Silver)
Remarkable Oblivion – Briar Bow Headband (Usagi)

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