Pink Fuel at The Arcade

Pink Fuel - Elphaba

How cool are these special edition skins from Pink Fuel? They’re available at The Arcade (here is the shopping guide), but if you can’t get in there, check out yard sales around SL. The only yard sale I’ve been too is at Pixel Fusion Homes, and it is organized by brand and have a lot of stuff!! This yard sale has price regulations, so there aren’t many rares here, but maybe some of these others have them (big list of them on this Plurk post).

Pink Fuel

Top – Purple Stripe | Cyber Grey | Ch-Ch-oco | Ghost
Bottom – Red Succubus | Von D  | Elphaba

These skins are perfect for fantasy looks, but I think a few of them can be worn as “everyday” skins too. Which is your favorite special edition skin?

What I’m Wearing:

Wasabi Pills – Giselle Mesh Hair (Iceberg)
LaGyo – Angelie Headpiece w/o veil bridal

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