Redgrave is back!!! I’ve been seeing teasers of this new Megan skin for months and couldn’t wait to try it on. Megan comes in 2 skin tones – pale and tan, and includes a hair base. The brows are only available in Dark Brown, so it may or may not work with lighter color hair (you can try… but I like it with Brunette hair colors). I think the face is pretty sweet, but there’s a faint but noticeable line going from the nose tip to the upper lip that I don’t like so much. However, these skins are only $2999L for the whole fatpack of 15 makeups! It’s a great deal for your money if you love the skins.

I’m wearing Redgrave – Megan in Pale below:

This is the body for Megan, and it’s pretty much the same as all the previous releases. I think the Megan face is less shiny than other past releases so it doesn’t really suit this body that much, but I’d till wear it.

People ask me all the time what eyes I wear, and I wear a ton of different brands! I do stick to brands who have smaller irises because they fit my eye size better. These newly released Curio “Tragic” eyes includes 3 different sizes (small, meidum, large) and also prim attachments for each size, so you can mix and match and wear 2 different eye colors at once, for an interesting effect.

( click the image to view full size so you can see the eye colors better )

What I’m Wearing:

Redgrave – Pale Skin – Megan
Truth – Madison (Espresso)
Mandala – Pearl Rain Jewelry Set/Rose Pink
SugarCube – Dolly border balloon dress (Peach)

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