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Why is JuicyBomb one of the most popular & widely read Second Life blogs?

Why is JuicyBomb one of the most popular & widely read Second Life blogs?

It’s not because of drama.

One of the recurring claims about JuicyBomb is that Gogo courts controversy in order to build traffic on her blog. It’s a meaningless, fact-free cliche that is repeated and repeated because it makes people feel better for having a smaller readership than she does. It says, my readership may be smaller, but I am a better person. It’s also not true.

Thank you Cajsa for this wonderful post about my blog! If you guys want to read the entire post, check it out on Shopping Cart Disco.

My SL screenshot


My goal when I blog products here is to present them as honestly as possible, so I was more than happy to show Hamlet screenshots of my SL!

I’ve been saying for years that rarely ever Photoshop images for this blog. Long time readers can usually tell if a filter has been applied (I do love playing around with Picnik), but most of my pictures are straight from SL with just cropping applied. Check out the full article on NWN and also see my PC specs, if you’re interested!

How to Take & Publish a Gorgeous SL Fashion Screenshot


Before: Cropped image from SL | After: Slight contrast added with Picnik



Iris Ophelia wrote some very nice things about JuicyBomb and also listed it as her top 3 favorite Second Life Style blogs. I screen capped it cos I never win any SL awards for blogging, hardly anyone ever admits to reading my blog, and my look/style has been called “outdated and generic,” recently, though I try to stay current! 😀

But I have you guys (who are mostly silent readers), and your visits keeps my passion for blogging SL alive. So thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! If at least a handful of people look forward to new entries from this site, then I consider it a successful project and worth my time.


Check out my big Pink ad in February’s issue of Avenue Magazine. I’m on page 88-89!