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New Linden Homes

New Linden Homes

“Hey Cake! Where’ve you been?” Drawing comics for money and enjoying life. I’m working on a comic book for a mainstream company now, so I’m pretty excited! That series will be released in August. Nationwide. I’m a pro now!

But that’s not why I’m writing this, right? Let’s talk about Linden Homes!

I managed to check these out when the Home and Garden Expo was running, and the preview was pretty cool. So when they were released, I hopped on the chance to snag one. Gogo and I registered around the same time, so I was hoping to get one on the waterfront like she did. Just so you know–homes are randomly assigned! BUT, all of these houses are landscaped very nicely. I didn’t get one on the waterfront, but I still love my house anyway.

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Havenhollow Mischief

Skull House

This morning I was stalking around Havenhollow as a nazgul. Did you see me? I dressed up my WH Riding horse with some spooky skins and decor, and tossed on a rider’s cloak from Jinx. For fun, I also wore RC Cluster’s new Trick or Treater bucket. I guess my nazgul’s searching for more than just a ring this time.

Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite books, so I’m absolutely pleased to run around SL as a nazgul this week. If you see me, just let me know where Baggins is, okay? I just wanna talk with him for a second. 😂

What I’m Wearing:
NULL – Bento Skeleton Avatar
RC Cluster – Trick or Treat Tricker Bucket (at The Play Room event)
Water Horse Bento Riding Horse (Warmblood)
Jinx – Cult Cloak
Jinx – Unicorn Skull Mask


LAQ Lulu

Isn’t this new head by LAQ cute? This is the Lulu mesh head, which is great for users who want a more doe-eyed look out of their avatar. If you want to see how Gogo looks with this mesh head, just scroll back one entry or click here.

This head is going to be very kind to hand-drawn skin makers! Lulu is expressive and perfect for painted textures. It’s also wonderful for dollish skins and youthful brands. In fact, this head is so nice that I want to make more skins for it!

A note for skin devs: the creator’s package at LAQ’s store contains a lot of helpful UVs to help you make custom looks for this head, including eyelashes and teeth. There’s also a texture map that shows where the lipstick area begins and ends, so you can simply select the section and texture away.


Friend me on my new Flickr account! I made a new one because I forgot the password to my old one, lol.

What I’m Wearing:

LAQ Lulu Bento Head
[ a.e.meth ] – Eris Skin
Exile – Cold Sky
konpeitou – Rose Moon (black lady top, ball choker, jewel tears, and tiara set)
Velvet Whip – Soul Collector Dress (skirt only)
Aii Creations – Single Dragon (RARE/Arcade)

Linden Endowment for the Arts, and Hazing in Second Life

Linden Endowment for the Arts, and Hazing in Second Life

Update 7/6/17: I was contacted by a Linden and told they’re looking into this.

This post makes me sad. I don’t want to type it. I’ve been trying to avoid it by settling the matter privately or seeking help from Linden Lab on the downlow. But after several tries to get the office’s attention about what’s going on, I think the only real solution is to make this issue public. They simply aren’t responding because what I have to report doesn’t fit exactly into their usual categories.

Everyone knows I’m about art. It’s what I do for a living irl and I’m very happy with it. After a great bout of years in the art field, I got involved with Linden Endowment for the Arts thinking that would be great experience for joining a real, larger panel for an established museum. Unfortunately, that’s not what I found here.

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