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Land Sale!

Did you guys see this? Linden Lab is having a Land Sale this weekend. This is such a good deal for someone who wants a full sim or home stead (must own a full sim first), now you won’t have to pay for the purchase price.

  • Set up Fees are Waived
  • Save $1,000 on Full Regions
  • Save $375 on Homesteads
  • Orders must be submitted by midnight (Pacific) Oct. 23

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To write or not to write

I’ve noticed that so many “bloggers” are not writing anything to accompany their blog posts lately. Most bloggers just post an image or two and then the credits. I think that unless your pictures are so amazing (most aren’t), there should be some accompanying text to let the readers know what they’re looking at, and describe it a lil’ or just tell us why you like it!

Why are people not writing anymore? As a blog reader, what do YOU prefer?

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Do you like mesh hair?

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Mesh hair doesn’t sink into your shoulders
Mesh hair moves with you (Sort of..)


Mesh hair is NOT modifiable
Mesh hair has no movement (like flexi)

I can’t think of anything else to add to the list. Of the few mesh hairstyles that I’ve tried, I really think it is just “OK”. I kind of miss the flexi hair that swooshes around as you dance around in SL. Also, I don’t like that mesh hair seems like it’s ‘stuck’ to your body, can seem unnatural when you’re moving around in-world.

What are your thoughts?

Do you dress your age?

When I first started SL, there were women (and men) running around in formal wear all the time. I haven’t seen that in a long time, and even on blogs, more SL bloggers favor the playful/younger look with *ahem* things in mouth (I’m totally guilty of this), and cutesy accessories.

Do you think SL’ers are dressing their avatars younger than before? Do you dress your age?

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