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Aurelias Fables & Fairytales

Aurelias Fables & Fairytales
Aurelias-Sparkle Skye Bridge

Welcome to Aurelias! Sparkle and I are thrilled to introduce you to our enchanting town that we’re so excited to bring back. Instead of recreating our original town that we love so much, we have chosen to embark on a new adventure with a darker twist – welcome to Aurelias Fables & Fairytales.

Imagine a town filled with Victorian charm, where surprises await you at every corner. Aurelias has been transformed into a place where time moves slower, eagerly awaiting your exploration. As you meander through the forest, prepare to encounter an unexpected graveyard. It is a place that is both eerie and enchanting, where the wind carries ancient tales.

If you enjoy serene landscapes and nature, make sure to visit the swamplands of Aurelias. It will take you through lush and mysterious swamps, promising an amazing view with unpredictable weather – so bring an umbrella!

Aurelias Fables & Fairytales
The Aurelias Swamplands
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Updated JuicyBomb Rainbow EEP Settings

JuicyBomb - Rainbow EEP Settings

Psst.. rainbows for everyone! From now until September 1st, you can get a free copy of my popular Rainbow EEP settings at the Aurelias Rainy Cafe. It’s on the counter inside the cafe.

I’ve been wanting to update the pack to include N/S/E/W directions for the Cheery Day setting. Today I found out that Linden Lab is using the Cheery Day setting on the debug regions, so I decided to update the pack and give it away for a week. If you previously purchased this, you can get a FREE update on Marketplace.

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Petal Clouds

Kitty Cat

The unsung heroes of Second Life marketing and collaboration are resident-run projects. I founded iheartSL in 2008 (over 14 years ago!) to help aggregate Second Life blog contents into a single central location, to help bloggers gain exposure, and to provide readers with a convenient one-stop shop to browse all the latest posts from residents. Over the years, I have mostly funded iheartSL with my own money and advertising support from sponsors. It is critical to support resident-led projects because they have frequently stepped in to fill gaps left by Linden Lab.

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JuicyBomb – Right Water EEP Settings

JuicyBomb - Right Water EEP Settings

Have you ever wanted to reverse the flow of Linden water? How about rotating the water entirely, so that instead of ugly vertical or “sideways” water, you can have nice horizontal waves flowing in and out on your shores. I’ve been playing with this since the summer, and finally, I have something that looks pleasing and it works great with my EEP settings!

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I accidentally made a rainbow with EEP, and I love it.

Do you use the latest SL Viewer? You may have noticed that Environmental Enhancement Project (EEP) is now live, replacing Windlight. I’ve been playing with EEP on and off since last year and was wondering when it would go live and merge with Bakes on Mesh (BoM). I’m pleased that the launch seems to have fixed some bad shadowing, so you can be even more gorgeous with EEP!

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Endless Ocean

Endless Ocean

Hi from the edge of my houseboat on Bellisseria! I never wanted a houseboat until two weeks ago, when I visited a friend’s houseboat. The view outside of the windows reflected gorgeous endless ocean. I fell in love instantly, and prayed to the Linden gods for a houseboat. Prayer answered.

Endless Ocean

I’m still getting the hang of decorating a houseboat, so it’ll be partially empty for awhile. I wanted a waterfront location to test how the light and sky reflects in the water, cos I’m making some custom EEP settings for personal use in the EEP viewer. Apparently EEP will go live very soon, so I recommend familiarizing yourself with it now!

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Hi from the Sommergewitter sim, which translates to summer thunderstorm.

I’ve been thinking about my hair color lately… and I’ve decided to go platinum blonde again. Exile made the cutest short wispy hairstyle called Insomnia. In fact, I’m obsessed with a lot of Exile hairstyles lately; you should definitely go check out the Exile mainstore for some gorgeous hairstyles.

My photos are so much better cos of EEP! Have you tried the EEP viewer? I can’t wait for EEP to be live on the grid, so more people will be forced to try it out.

What Iā€™m Wearing:

  • Exile – Insomnia
  • Amitomo – Girlfriend Gacha (4)
  • Toksik – Selva Shorts
  • Ingenue – Elin Flats

Pumec | Lisa Skin

Pumec - Lisa Skin

I’m back on the SL ENVIRONMENTAL ENHANCEMENT PROJECT (EEP) viewer! If any of the developers are reading this, I don’t like the sun and moon sphere. I want sliders back! I also want the drop-down menu for Windlights back, so I can easily scroll through all of my EEP settings without right clicking to apply every single time. Also, why are my appliers appearing shaded? It’s very noticeable on the “onion skin layer” of the lips. I can’t get any of my lipstick colors to appear the way they did before EEP, without pointing the sun directly AT my face.

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Environmental Enhancement Project (EEP)

Lighting controlled by EEP

EDIT 8/25/2019: So my friends are telling me that EEP is not released on the main SL Viewer. I am using this SL viewer ( – EEP), which I thought is the latest official SL Viewer, since that’s all I have ever used. If it is not, maybe an error prompted me to upgrade? Perhaps it is a sign of it being live on the grid in the very near future. I have no idea how to downgrade, so I guess I may be the only person on the grid using EEP, while everyone else is using Windlight.

If you use the latest official SL Viewer like I do, you may have noticed that Windlight is history. Say hello to Environmental Enhancement Project or EEP for short. Here’s everything that you need to know about EEP from the SL Wiki.

To get started, you can import some of your favorite Windlights, SL will convert it to EPP objects automatically. You will then be able to apply these Environments objects in-world, like you did for Windlight. EEP objects are shareable, which is my favorite feature cos you can easily share with friends and make sure that everyone is seeing SL the same way.

When I imported some of my favorite Windlight settings, I found that they don’t look quite the same. I decided to only import a dozen or so, and just start fresh by making new ones for blogging. If you want to try some EEP settings, you can grab them from the Library in your inventory. I have also made some JuicyBomb EEP, available on Marketplace!

JuicyBomb - EEP Settings
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